Station - Making life on your Mac a little easier.
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Station is a multilevel (hierarchical) launcher that promotes a more natural organization of applications and documents into folders. With nested folders, you can arrange items in Station in a way that fits your workflow with an uncluttered look and feel. Scalability is greatly increased through logical groupings thus increasing the sheer number of items that can be added to Station without having to shrink the launcher size.

Productivity is increased because related items can be grouped together into a single folder. For example, one folder can contain work related items and another folder gaming items. Another useful feature of Station is the ability to launch, all at once, the items in a launch folder. This is useful when switching between tasks like business and spreadsheets to graphics work. With ten levels of folders available, enough space is provided to spread out even the most diverse set of applications and documents.

Station also implements scrollbars when a launch panel exceeds the width or height of the screen. This design also does away with the need for magnification or shrinking the height of the launch panel so your icons remain one height thus making them more readable.

Dock Station Features:
  • Up to ten levels of folders can be shown.
  • The size of the icons can range from 32 to 64 points.
  • Icons can be assigned to folders to give them a more distinctive feel.
  • All applications and documents in a folder can be launched all at once.
  • Station can be displayed on the left, right or bottom side of the screen.
  • Station can be displayed statically (always shown) or automatically hidden when not needed.
  • The display name of a folder can be renamed (e.g. "untitled" to "Graphics").
  • Scrollbar support for launch panels that exceed screen dimensions.
  • Fullscreen and multiscreen support.
System Requirements:
  • Requires MacOS 10.10 or higher
  • 64-bit processor

4 out of 5 Stars
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Station Demo
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In the demo version the following restrictions will apply.
  • Station data will not be saved. When you restart Station, it will be restored to an empty launcher.
  • Station will automatically quit after one hour.
  • Upon launch, the "Station Help" and "About Station" windows will be shown.
Download the demo and kick the tires!

With this first release of the Station Demo, I would love to hear your feedback. I have more features planned that didn't make it in this initial release, so please tell me what you would like to see and if you found any bugs. Please send your feedback to "".
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